CB&I helps customers identify and quantify environmental and other liabilities through comprehensive due diligence services that include: 

Property Assessments Evaluation - We support all phases of property evaluations, including Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, health and safety audits, pre-acquisition and pre-divestiture reviews and environmental risk assessments related to contamination.

Risk and Liability Estimation - We use site-specific risk management approaches to site cleanup, which minimizes impact and financial costs.

Process Evaluation - We evaluate the processes and equipment of companies being considered for acquisition, which can provide valuable compliance and permitting information relating to the future cost of operations.

Historical Research - We conduct historical research to identify prior owners, hidden liabilities, land-use histories and insurance claim opportunities.

Options for Environmentally Impaired Assets - We review entire portfolios of environmentally impaired assets to determine the most advantageous end-use and also provide assistance with property disposition or acquisition.

Environmental Management Systems Analysis - Environmental management system audits evaluate the compatibility of buyers' and sellers' systems and can provide estimates of integration cost. CB&I’s due diligence program offers customers a number of transactional benefits, such as:

  • Lower prices for assets by identifying negative cost drivers in under-estimated liabilities or higher compliance and remediation costs
  • Holdbacks to cover identified environmental problems
  • Holdbacks, deferred payments or indemnities to cover unknown contingencies
  • Favorable tax benefits by structuring transactions for environmental liabilities
  • Selective ownership of particular properties with environmental liabilities