One of the largest providers of integrated solid waste services in the U.S., CB&I has a national network of offices and experience at hundreds of landfills and transfer stations, material recovery and waste treatment facilities. We are at the forefront of developing cost-effective and environmentally protective solutions to meet new and emerging regulations affecting our clients. We believe in establishing strong client relationships and ensuring a single point of responsibility for engineering, design-build construction, equipment fabrication and landfill products. We also perform operations and maintenance for a variety of environmental control and energy recovery systems, solid waste facilities design, and landfill gas and leachate system design and installation.

CB&I’s solid waste services include:

  • Planning, Siting and Permitting - We work to ensure that business decisions are kept in the forefront during facility planning and siting programs. Permitting services focus on maintaining operational flexibility while ensuring compliance.
  • Environmental Compliance - By integrating environmental compliance issues with operations, CB&I’s compliance solutions serve our customers' bottom lines. We include support for emerging national and state regulations impacting the industry, such as 40 CFR Parts 257 and 261 Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals, USEPA NPDES Effluent Limitation Guidelines and greenhouse gas monitoring.
  • Engineering/Design and Construction - Our experience includes solid waste landfills, waste transfer, material recovery, composting, waste treatment facilities, and associated environmental control requirements. We also offer in-house geotechnical/geosynthetics laboratory services at our East Coast and West Coast laboratories.
  • Operations and Maintenance - Our experts provide a wide range of operations and maintenance services for environmental control and energy recovery systems associated with landfills, landfill gas-to-energy plants and waste treatment facilities.
  • Closure and Post-Closure - CB&I provides landfill closure services, prepares post-closure plans and develops, implements and maintains long-term monitoring systems for sampling and data interpretation programs. We also assist customers with beneficial reuse projects at closed landfills.
  • Products and Equipment - CB&I designs and manufactures enclosed and utility flares and other biogas extraction, control and recovery equipment along with leachate evaporation systems.