CB&I offers premier engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to the coal-fired and gas electric generating industry. From building new, state-of-the-art plants, retrofitting existing plants, providing absorber vessels and building stack and chimney liners, CB&I has unparalleled experience and capabilities to meet our customers needs.

Clean Coal. Customers seek our expertise in the construction of circulating fluidized bed and ultra-supercritical and supercritical clean, coal-fired power plants. Our clean coal projects feature modern technologies, allowing clients to burn coal and opportunity fuels efficiently.

CB&I also has extensive experience in retrofitting existing coal-fired power plants with air quality control systems that are helping power producers provide cleaner energy for decades to come. Our air quality control experience ranges from installing scrubber systems on single coal-fired units to executing fleetwide retrofit programs.

Gas. CB&I can provide all EPC, project management and commissioning services necessary for the successful completion of efficient gas-fired power plant projects. We have built or performed services for more than 15,000 MW of gas-fired generating capacity.

Our gas projects feature simple- and combined-cycle combustion turbines and advanced gas-turbine technology. They also feature innovative module construction and delivery techniques that benefit schedule and improve safety.

Absorber Vessels. CB&I has provided superior steel and alloy absorber vessels to the power generation industry for nearly two decades. These large towers process exhaust gases from flue gas desulfurization plants, producing compounds that can be safely disposed of or used for commercial applications.

We can safely and efficiently erect absorber towers or other structures of any size. In addition to field erection, we offer procurement services to ensure timely purchase and delivery of materials and components for our projects.

Our expertise in welding and erecting steel plate and alloy structures is unsurpassed. We've been designing, fabricating, welding and erecting metal structures for more than 100 years. We self-perform these functions so we can control quality, manage costs and shorten schedules. Our craftspeople are experienced in hot forming, heat treating, weld assembly, non-destructive examination, blasting and painting. They are proficient at fabricating and welding steel and alloy components to exacting specifications.

Stacks/Chimney Liners. CB&I builds stacks and chimney liners for discharging flue gases from power generation plants and other industrial applications. Our unmatched expertise in welding and metallurgy and our proven safety record translate into high-quality results and lower risk for our customers—all at a competitive price.

We construct single- and double-wall stacks that may be freestanding, top-hung or guy-supported. Over the past several decades, we've built stacks as tall as 1,000 feet using a variety of materials, including high-end stainless steel, carbon steel and corrosion-resistant alloys such as Hastelloy®and Inconel®.

Our projects are backed by the knowledge and experience of our specialized, in-house technical groups. We maintain a sophisticated laboratory that performs metallurgical evaluations, corrosion studies and other research to help identify the most appropriate materials for the job. Our Welding and QA Technology group develops standardized policies and processes to ensure consistency of welding and quality assurance activities for all our projects.

Experienced planners in our Construction Technology group provide expertise on rigging, heavy lifting and other construction disciplines. They develop site-specific plans and procedures and select the appropriate heavy-lift cranes, temporary supports and other equipment needed to erect large components.

Superior construction experience. Careful planning and execution are essential to the success of our projects. Our in-house construction technology group supports our field crews with expertise on materials staging, adapting work methods to site conditions, heavy lifting, rigging, equipment selection and other construction disciplines. We've developed specialized equipment for performing heavy lifts in congested work sites and innovative rigging techniques to ensure work is performed safely. Our long-standing, comprehensive safety program has resulted in one of the best safety records in the industry.