CB&I's Strata-Therm® thermal energy storage (TES) tanks are used around the world by schools, hospitals, businesses and other facilities that circulate chilled water to provide air conditioning. Over the past 30 years, we've installed more than 200 TES systems ranging in capacity from 400 ton-hours to the world's largest TES system, with a capacity of 160,000 ton-hours.

The Strata-Therm system can reduce energy costs by taking advantage of water's tendency to thermally stratify. Lower-density warm water naturally rises to the upper part of a storage tank, leaving higher-density cool water in the lower portion. With the Strata-Therm system, cooler water is drawn from the bottom of the storage tank during peak (afternoon) cooling periods and used in the cooling loop; the water is returned to the tank as warm water. During off-peak (evening) periods, warm water is directed from the top of the tank to the cooling loop.

We offer our Strata-Therm system customers a lump-sum, turnkey solution, performing everything from design and engineering to fabrication, construction and operator training. We do the work with our own in-house resources whenever possible so we can control quality, manage costs, adhere to project schedules and minimize the customer's risk. This translates into simplified project oversight, less worry and often lower costs for our customers.

Reduced costs, easier maintenance. Many customers report the Strata-Therm system has saved them millions of dollars in capital, operating and maintenance costs. The Strata-Therm system is compatible with most existing chilling systems, and installing a Strata-Therm system can be less expensive than building additional chiller capacity. The tank is easy and economical to maintain because its rugged, all-welded steel tank construction prevents leakage, and our patented radial plate diffuser resists corrosion. In addition, the Strata-Therm system has no moving parts, so maintenance downtime is minimal.

The Strata-Therm system also offers unmatched flexibility. In addition to storing and chilling plant water, the tank can be used to store fire protection water and water from waste heat. The tank can be located anywhere along or near the water distribution system and can provide partial (load leveling) or full (load shifting) storage, depending on the customer's requirements.

SoCool® for added efficiency. To achieve greater cooling efficiency, we can design Strata-Therm tanks that utilize our patented SoCool low temperature TES stratification fluid in place of plain water. SoCool is an aqueous solution that provides the benefits of stratified TES at temperatures lower than 39.4°F. SoCool can eliminate the need for water treatment to prevent corrosion and inhibit microbiological growth.