Wind energy is one of the world's fastest growing power generation technologies, offering a clean, renewable source of electricity that is becoming increasingly economical. CB&I has proven experience in designing and building support structures for wind turbines.

Wind turbines are typically mounted atop steel support towers that are 100 feet tall or taller. Wind causes the turbine's propeller-like blades to turn around a rotor; the rotor is connected to a main shaft, which in turn spins a generator to create an electrical current.

We participated in our first wind energy project in the 1970s and have since been involved in several onshore and offshore wind projects. Our capabilities for these projects include design, engineering, procurement, fabrication and erection of support towers, foundations and transformer platforms.

Understanding global markets. Our wind power projects have included everything from a few onshore towers in rural locations to large wind farms in challenging offshore locales. Our worldwide offices are staffed with experienced people; their knowledge of local regulatory, logistical and environmental matters is essential to solving problems and facilitating projects, wherever they are located. And by maintaining a global network of engineers, craftsmen, procurement facilities and heavy-lift equipment, we can quickly mobilize resources to virtually any work site.

Wind turbines are massive components that require sturdy, well-designed support towers. We've designed and built thousands of steel shafts, towers and other components that have afforded years of safe, reliable support for wind turbines, elevated water tanks, offshore oil and gas platforms, and many other industrial applications. We have extensive experience lifting and installing tall and extremely heavy structures for both onshore and offshore projects.

Mastering the science of welding. For more than a century, we have provided unmatched expertise in the fabrication and assembly of industrial-grade steel structures. Our in-house resources include our widely respected welding and quality assurance technology group, a sophisticated welding and metallurgical laboratory and global fabrication facilities. These resources support our engineers, construction crews and customers with timely and practical solutions to the most demanding technical challenges. Maintaining these capabilities in-house allows us to pass on cost savings to our customer, closely control quality and shorten project schedules.

Safety is paramount when working with large components such as support towers. To ensure the safety of our employees and customers, we've developed numerous internal controls, training programs and processes over the years. Our safety program has garnered many awards from both customers and industry associations and resulted in an impressive safety record. Our commitment to safety not only ensures the well-being of our employees but also translates into reduced risk and lower costs for our customers.