Charter Township of Northville Waterspheroid®

The Charter Township of Northville chose CB&I to build an elevated steel tank in Northville, Michigan. CB&I was responsible for the engineering, fabrication and construction of the tank.

City of Darien Standpipe

The City of Darien, Illinois, selected CB&I to provide a steel standpipe.

City of Piperton Waterspheroid®

The City of Piperton, Tennessee, selected CB&I to provide a Waterspheroid® elevated tank.

City of Spokane ESD™

The City of Spokane, Washington, selected CB&I to provide two ESD™ egg-shaped digesters.

Hyperion Egg-Shaped Digesters (ESD™)

The installation of egg-shaped digesters (ESD™) at this California water treatment plant increased treatment capacity while conserving space.

Jefferson County Hydropillar®

When Jefferson County, Alabama, needed a major expansion of its wastewater flow, officials contracted CB&I to build a 3-million-gallon Hydropillar complete with a treatment laboratory and office facility.

Jonesboro City Water and Light Standpipe

Jonesboro City Water and Light selected CB&I to provide a steel standpipe in Jonesboro, Arkansas

PUL Alliance Waterspheroid®

PUL Alliance selected CB&I to provide a 500,000 gallon Waterspheroid® elevated tank in Blue Springs, Mississippi.

Ripon, California Hydropillar®

CB&I was awarded a contract with the City of Ripon, California to design, fabricate, construct and coat  a 2.5 million gallon Hydropillar® located in the middle of the City’s new Mistlin Sports Complex.

Westminster Reservoirs

After the failure of a 5-million-gallon concrete water reservoir, the City of Westminster, California, retained CB&I to build two new all-welded-steel reservoirs.

World’s Largest ClariCone®

The installation of ClariCones provided the Albany Water, Gas and Light Commission with a cost-effective way to lower turbidity in the city's water.